River City Cat Clinic

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Lifetime Wellness Care

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We encourage annual exams for all of our patients. Our doctors will perform a thorough head to toe exam on your cat. We also provide viral screening, deworming, flea and heartworm control, and lifestyle based vaccinations. For our senior patients (8+ years), we recommend annual senior bloodwork as well. We follow the vaccine guidelines set by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. All vaccines offered are either Modified Live Virus or Recombinant Vaccines. We do not offer any killed virus vaccines due to their increased cancer risk in cats.

Available Vaccinations:

FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia
FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus)


We make anesthesia safety a priority. Our doctors create individualized protocols tailored to your cat's medical needs and personality.  We carry the newest available drugs (such as propofol and dexdomitor). Each anesthetized patient has a dedicated technician and advanced monitoring devices to evaluate your pet's vital signs and overall well-being while asleep. After anesthesia, each pet is monitored closely while they recover in a nice warm incubator. Once fully recovered, our staff makes sure to call you.  


Our veterinarians are skilled in surgery and are capable of performing a vast number of surgical procedures. We are sensitive to our patient's pain status and liberally utilize injectable pain meds, oral pain meds, and/or pain patches. For specialty surgical procedures, we also work closely with local Board Certified Veterinary Surgeons, who are available to come into our clinic to perform surgeries as needed. 


We provide comprehensive dental care for our patients. In addition to a thorough cleaning and visual oral inspection, each of our dental patients receive full mouth xrays so that we can accurately assess the health of your cat's mouth. We then plan a treatment regimen  accordingly. We have a high speed drill and digital dental xray machine to allow us to provide optimal dental care. Doctors Wolfson and Salaguinto have a special interest in dentistry and are skilled in performing oral surgery. 


We utilize our in-house digital xray machine and state of the art ultrasound machine to image our patients. We also work closely with Veterinary Medical Imaging radiologists, who are available to come to our clinic to perform ultrasounds as needed. 


We utilize IDEXX, a nationwide laboratory (located in West Sacramento), for comprehensive lab analysis of most specimens.  We also have a state of the art in-house blood machine for urgent cases.


Our pharmacy is fully stocked with advanced prescription flea/parasite control products not found in pet stores (with manufacturer incentives that make cost comparable, if not better, than pet stores), prescription shampoos, commonly used medications, and prescription foods from all major manufacturers. We even have some flavored medication options and pill pockets for those hard to medicate cats.  

Emergency Care

Please call if you have an emergency. We are not staffed 24 hours. Please call our main telephone number (916-441-4727) for after-hours emergency instructions.

Dietary Counseling

We can help with life-stage nutrition, weight management assistance, and special medical dietary needs. We have all major brands of prescription diets available. 

Behavioral Counseling

We can provide helpful advice for problems such as spraying/house soiling, scratching, and aggression.


Dr. Quinley has advanced training in veterinary acupuncture. This is a useful adjunct therapy in addition to traditional Western Medicine. It is especially helpful for controlling pain.